Thai Chicken and Green Mango Salad

This salad is perfect for a Valentine’s day supper. It’s tasty, it looks good and it leaves your lips tingling, I hope the same can be said for your date!

I love these shredded salads the simple act of cutting all the vegetables very fine  transforms even rather humble ingredients such as carrots and spring onions.  I use a sharp knife for the onions, but a mandolin for the more sturdy vegetables.The addition of green, unripe, mango or papaya adds an exotic touch well in keeping with Thai street food. Naturally  though when I went shopping for an under ripe mango the ones on offer were all meltingly soft, had I wanted a ripe one no doubt they would all have been hard…

The combination of hot and sweet is essentially Thai. I make very spicy dressing  and use only use a couple of spoonfuls to dress the salad, serving the rest separately to add as you wish. If you chose the tiny Thai birdseye chillies do be warned that while they are authentic , they are extremely hot.

I hear Sainsbury’s will soon be selling fresh UK grown lime leaves. I buy mine from a local oriental shop. Frozen lime leaves keep well and defrost quickly. When using lemon grass I urge you to be wasteful, peel of all the fibrous outside leaves keeping only the very centre, you are looking for a piece of lemon grass about 3-4inches long and thiner that a fine green bean.

Don’t throw the outer leaves away, the make wonderful infusions which, when sweetened with honey, are the perfect drink to warm you on a cold morning.

You can use almost any protein with this salad I’ve chosen chicken but prawns, fineley shredded rare beef or grilled tofu would work well.

Thai Shredded Chicken and green Mango salad

I small green mango

1 medium carrot

2 spring onions

a good handful of bean sprouts

1 small red pepper

a small bunch fresh corriander

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepepr

A little oil


125ml rice vinegar

125ml white sugar

Spice paste:

2-4 lime leaves centre stems removed

2 stem lemon grass see above for preparation

2-4 hot red chillies

1-2 large cloves garlic

Approx 4 tablespoons Thai fish sauce

juice and zest of a lime.

Begin but cutting the  bottom stems of the coriander, check they are clean and put them in the goblet of a blender along with the prepared lime leaves, roughly chopped chillies, peeled garlic and the lemon grass. Whiz until the mixture is roughly chopped.

Now put a pan on to heat and when hot  cook the seasoned chicken breasts for about 10 minutes each side , turning once. You want a good colour on the meat.

Meanwhile prep the salad. Shred the onions , red pepper and carrots. peel and shred the mango.

Arrange the salad on a plate scattering on some coriander leaves 

Make the dressing: to begin you will need to mix the vinegar and  sugar an place this over a low heat stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Now turn up the heat and boil rapidly until the mixture has reduced and become very thick. This will take approximately 4-5 minutes.

You can see form the picture below how thick the syrup must be. Add this to the roughly chopped spices along with 3-4 tablespoons of the fish sauce and the juice and zest of the lime. Whiz until you have a smooth dressing. Slice the chicken arranging it on top of the prepared salad and spoon overt the spicy sauce.


About thanecooks

Thane Prince stumbled into cooking by chance. Trained as a nurse, she began by cooking for the local deli, took a class in journalism and almost before she knew it was writing for the Daily Telegraph. She wrote for the DT for 12 years , did quite a bit of TV work and then moved on to open and co-run The Aldeburgh Cookery School in Suffolk. The school was a great success and received many accolades, judged as one of the top three in the UK at one time. Tiring of life in the country Thane moved back to Central London where she now lives, writes and eats. Thane’s twelfth book Ham Pickles and Jam is published in October 2011.
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2 Responses to Thai Chicken and Green Mango Salad

  1. This is just about the most ideal looking dish i could eat. I am mad on these flavours so now feel that I should make this for me & my hub tomorrow! I know he is buying the main course ( sushi & sashimi from Selfridges). So I could do this as my contribution to the meal. He may be able to find a decent mango in there too!

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