About Me

I’m Thane Prince and for longer than I can remember I’ve been enjoying good food. As a child I gathered everything that the fields and hedgerows offered and if today the stores and markets are my hunting grounds I’m no less entranced by finding wonderful things to cook, eat and share with friends. Those of you who used to read my column in The Daily Telegraph will know me well. Others may have seen me on Ready, Steady Cook! Yet more will have pitched up to one of my classes at Cucina Caldesi in Marylebone or met me at the Good Food Show in Birmingham. For 10 years I ran a cooking school in Aldeburgh in Suffolk with my good friend Sara Fox. 
The Aldeburgh Cookery School was rated one of the best in the UK and  we loved every minute of our time there. In December 2008 Sara and I decided the time was right to move to other interests so I came back to London to launch Thanecooks .
I adore living in London and relish shopping for food in all the myriad of shops that sell all manner of amazing new and traditional foods from just about every corner of the world.
Living here also keeps me in touch with all the newest restaurants and food trends, though some of those are, like the mini skirt, coming round again!
My most recent book Ham pickles and Jam was published in October 2011.
Click here to see Ham Pickles and Jam

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